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Smarter in the City

The Smarter in the City accelerator at Dudley Square provides an unprecedented opportunity for local entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities to develop their programs, apps and companies, while advancing technical and business skills.

A select group of startups from Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan and neighboring communities will have access to a first class workspace, a well-connected network of high tech and business mentors, and will be showcased to investors and companies that can advance their startups ... and careers.

Dudley Square is currently being redeveloped into an important urban center in Boston following decades of hardship. By introducing a growing and successful industry into the area, Smarter in the City intends to bolster the opportunity for neighborhood and community growth.

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100 Warren Street, Roxbury MA 02119 617.999.5370

What is Smarter in the City

Smarter in the City is a high-tech accelerator in Roxbury. We are specifically addressing the lack of opportunities for computer science and digital media entrepreneurs in inner-city neighborhoods and minority communities.

Smarter in the City is essentially a hybrid of the incubator and accelerator models - workspaces where new and innovative startup ideas can grow with supportive colleagues, dedicated mentorship, a tailored education curriculum and pre-seed funding. Our participants are early stage entrepreneurs who will have a short yet intense time to advance their products.

By locating our workspaces in Roxbury and recruiting individuals or teams from communities that have been disproportionately left out of the high-tech world, Smarter in the City is expanding the startup scene beyond its ‘traditional’ market.

Our accelerator is now open in Dudley Square in Boston, one of the nation’s leading technology hubs. With high-tech startups now emerging in cities across the nation, we believe that the industry must also expand to neighborhoods that are only a few miles or subway stops from established tech clusters and venture capitalists.

We know that these neighborhoods - too often judged only by their economic troubles - are home to aspiring entrepreneurs. Smarter in the City is providing them the opportunity not just to succeed, but to strive!

Dudley Square Accelerator

The Smarter in the City accelerator at Dudley Square provides selected startup teams with 6 months of free workspace, professional mentorship, educational curriculum, and office amenities

We provide teams with up to three workstations and access to a shared meeting room.

Teams are matched with mentors to help guide the development of their product during their "residency" in the accelerator. In addition, several networking functions will be held to showcase startups and connect the teams to potential investors and partners.

Lastly, teams are provided with a modest stipend during the accelerator term allowing them to devote maximum time and effort to their product.

We are here to support an early and diverse set of startups and ideas and give them a boost into the great Boston high-tech scene.

Smarter in the City is opening in an exciting space in the heart of Dudley Square, near the Silver Line, Roxbury Crossing T and several major bus routes.

Our Startups

TrendOn.TV will be the next big thing to help connect TV viewers to cool fashion seen on TV or worn by their favorite celebrities. Users will also be able to search for jewelery, shoes, sneakers and gadgets.

PracticeGigs is a job site for athletes. It provides aspiring athletes with the ability to achieve their performance goals affordably while helping more advanced athletes monetize their free time by paying them for practice time.

Mbadika fosters youth-driven innovation and entrepreneurship in the U.S. and Sub-Saharan Africa, using a set of electronic toolkits to ignite new ideas and designs by young makers.

Storymap Solutions is developing web-based tools for heritage storytelling using maps. It will allow cultural and heritage organizations like museums, art galleries, and libraries to easily create interactive maps that visitors can use to explore history, places, and events around the world.

KillerBoomBox is a multi-media publishing brand that focuses on documenting the lifestyle and culture of multi-cultural youth from an inclusive and intelligent perspective.


Gilad Rosenzweig

Founder and Executive Director

Gilad is an architect and urban planner with a global portfolio in the commercial, residential and industrial sectors. He has focused major efforts on the rejuvenation of urban areas in the U.S., particularly in inner-cities that have experienced decline and disinvestment. Recently he has been involved in studies and support for several infill development projects in Roxbury. Gilad holds professional degrees in architecture and a Master in City Planning from MIT.

Dina Kraft

Director of Communications

Dina is a journalist and writer with global reporting and research experience. She has also produced several articles and papers on the subjects of social justice, ad-tech, smart-cities and the global high-tech scene.


Michael Bar-SinaiHarvard IQSS

Joram BorensteinNICE Actimize

Tim BuntelCigital Inc.

William ChenLeaf

Brendan CieckoTen Minute Media

Elizabeth CormackThe Tap Lab

Christian GalvinFiksu

James T. JonesEsq.

Safiya SammsLeaf

Jeremy WeiskottenTerrible Labs

Donald WrightCity of Boston. Dept of Neighborhood Development

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